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Jurassic World Movie Review – The upcoming hollywood movie “jurassic world”will released on the 07 June 2018  in India . This is the fourth part of the jurassic world movie , jurassic world movie is based on the science fiction and thriller movie . The sensor board of the hollywood movies CBFC gives the (A) certificate to the movie because of their more thrilling only the adults can watch this jurassic world movie .

The director of the jurassic world movie is Colin Trevorrow and the producer of the movie jurassic world is Frank Marshall and Patrick crowely . According to the google users 93% peoples liked this film and the IMDb company gives the 7/10 rating , facebook gives the 4.5/5 and the rotten tomato company liked the 71% story of the movie , which a good position in the hollywood industries and the companies also gives the well rating to the jurassic world movie .

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Jurassic World Movie Review | Story of The Film


The story of the jurassic world movie is based on the science fiction and thrilling movie in which the their is a large animal “dinasour” who is escape from their theme park and become dangerous for the human’s life . A theme park where showcasing genetically engineered dinasaurs turns into nightmare for its tourists and escape from their . An x – military animal who takes the steps out to save the life’s of the human’s beings .

Cast of The Film

  1. Bryce Dallas Howard as claire
  2. Chris Pratt as owen
  3. B.D.Wong as Dr.Henry Hu  
  4. Nick Robinson as Zach
  5. Ty simpkins as Gray
  6. Vincent D’ Onofrio as  Hoskins
  7. Irfan khan as simon Masrani
  8. Jake Johnson as Lowery
  9. Omay syas Barry
  10. Judy Greer as karen
  11. Katie Mc Grath as Zara
  12. Lauren Lapkus as vivian

Crew Members : Jurassic World Movie

#  Director of the jurassic world movie –

# Producer of the movie –  Frank Marshall and Patrick crowely .

#Screenplay by – Derek connolly , colin Trevorrow , Rick Jaffa and Amanda silver .

# written by – Rick Jaffa and Amanda silver .

#Based on – character by Michael crihton .

#Music by – Michael Giacchino and john williams .

#cinematography – Joh schwartzman .

#Edited by – Kevin stitt .

#Production company – Amblin enterainment and Legendary pictures .

#Distributed by – Universal pictures .

#Time interval – 2h 4min .

So this is all about Jurassic World Movie Review, Cast, Crew and Story. Stay connected for more updates.

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