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Kaala Movie Box office Collection Prediction

Kaala Movie Box office Collection Prediction  – Kaala movie is a upcoming Bollywood ,Telugu movie in which Rajinikant act as a leading role . It’s a drama and crime movie which will released on the 7 June 2018 . The CBFC board gives the (U/A) certificate to the movie . The director of the kaala movie is Pa.

Ranjit and producer of the movie kaala is Dhanush and production company of the kaala movie is Wunder bar films . The kaala movie is available in Hindi , Telugu , Malayalam and in Tamil language . The rating given by the Facebook to the kaala movie is 4.8/5 which a good rating in the industrial of Bollywood .

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Kaala Movie Box office Collection Prediction

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is set to take Kaala head on in what can turn out to be an epic box-office battle. With both films releasing in multiple languages, it will be interesting to watch the fight for box-office supremacy.

While Dhanush are expected a lot from this action thriller on Telugu box office, He expected around 15 to 20 crore on Day 1 Box office collection and around 10 to 15 crore on second crore. As far as possible Kaala touches the feet of 50 crore club within three days.

Story of Kaala Movie

The story of the kalla movie is based on the drammatically and the action of crime movie . The Rajinikant played the leading role in the movie as a Kaala , who is run away from their house “Tiruenelveli” in their childhood at Mumabi (Maharashtra ) to become a great leader and the powerful man’s in Mumbai , he wanted to become a Don , who ruled their areas . Kalla lived in slums area of Dharvi in the kalla movie .

Kaala Movie Cast

1. Rajnikanth as Karikallan (kalla) .
2. Nana Patekar as Harinath Desai .
3. Samuthirakani as Anbu .
4. Aruldoss .
5. Eswari Rao as Selvi .
6. Huma Qureshi as Zareena .
7. Anjali patil as Puyal charumthi Gaekwad .
8. Sukanya .
9. Aravind Akash as shivaji Rao Gaekwad .
10 .Sayaji shinde .
11. Ravi kale .
12. Pankaj Tripathi .
13. Yatin Karyekar .
14. Sakshi Agarwal .
1.Director of the kaal movie : -Pa. Ranjit
2.Producers by – Dhanshu
3. Written by – Pa. Ranjit
4. Music by – santosh narayana
5. Cinematography – Murali G
6. Edited by – sreekar Prasad
7. Production company – wunderbar Films
8. Distributed by – Lyca production
8. Release date – 07 JULY 2018
9. Country – India
10.Time interval – 3h 5 min .
11.Language – Hindi , Tamil ,Telgue and , Malaysam .
Yama Greatu – by Arun raja and Hariharan 4:57 .
Chittamma – by shweta mohan and Anand 4:53 .
Raaye naa range leela – by shankar , Mahadevan , pradeep 4:36 .
Nikkal nikkal –by vivek , Arun raja 2:46 .
Poradathaam – by pranav chaganty , Dopeadeli 3:28 .
Nele maa hakku – by vijay prakash , Anand 6:44 .
Maa veedhula – by vijaynarain , Pranav chagant 2:39 .
Onti Thala Raavana – by Arun raja kamaraj , Roshan 3:48 .

The satellite rigths of the kaala movie was sold before releasing the kaala movie to the star group network for a whopping 75 crores and the kaala movie will be telecast in the star vijay .

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