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Success Story of Afghanistan Cricketer Rashid Khan – Today we discuss the Success Story of Afghanistan Cricketer Rashid Khan, who become famous in present time in their teenage he is an only just 20 years old boy ( Rashid Khan).

Success Story of Afghanistan Cricketer Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan was born in 1998 in Nangarhar eastern Afghanistan.  He hails from Jalalabad, and hasten siblings. During the Afghan war, his family fled and lived few years in Pakistan after then they returned to their hometown and resuming their normal life.

The story of the Rashid khan like as movie “Slumdog to Millionaire”.  In their childhood, Rashid Khan faced the many struggles, but he was growing only for cricket.

rashid khan story
rashid khan story

General Information About Rashid Khan

Full name: Rashid Khan Arman

Born: 20 September 1998

ODI debut: 18 October 2015 vs Zimbabwe

T 20 debut: 1 October 2016

T-shirt number: 19

Represent: Afghanistan cricket team

About Her Career

After the many struggles,s Rashid khan becomes famous and richer person by doing the hard work . In  june 2017 first time Rashid khan played the IPL (indian premier league )match for the Sunrises Hyderabad team and become best bowler figures for an associate national in one day international match (ODI) .In february 2018 , he became a youngest player of the ICC player ranking after some time his perfomance in ICC T20 international became great  achieve a good ranking in ICC .

In 2018 march during the cricket world cup qualifier 2018 , he took the responsibility of captaincy of Afghanistan’s team for first time ODI match during the end of the matches Rashid khan complete their fastest and youngst 100 wickets in 44 ODI match and breaking the record the Australian player Mitchell starc in 52 matches .

In IPL (indian premier league) 2018 Rashid khan again played for the sunrises Hyderabad their performance and activness became great  . Rashid khan is a youngest player who is doing their great job In IPL 2018. From their well bowling the sunrises Hyerabad played the final match .

So this is all about Success Story of Afghanistan Cricketer Rashid Khan. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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