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Taxiwaala Tamil Movie Box office Collection

Taxiwaala Tamil Movie Box office Collection – Taxiwaala is an upcoming Indian comedy thriller film in Telugu directed by Rahul Sankrityan, starring Vijay Deverakonda, Priyanka Jawalkar, and Malavika Nair in the leading roles. So Here we will be going to discuss about Taxiwaala Tamil Movie Box office Collection report.

A series of eccentric scenes feature within the teaser for Vijay Deverakonda’s coming heroic tale Taxiwaala: a doctor Associate in Nursing a compounder seem paralysed in an exceedingly hospital corridor; a person looks to be stuck in mid-air in an elevator shaft; there are a cloaked man and a dashing car; a patient wakes up screaming on a single bed.

Taxiwaala Tamil Movie Box office Collection Report

The upcoming movie of Vijay Deverakonda is going to hit the screen on 21st June 2018, This is one of the most amazing movies of Vijay’s carrier because in this movie you will see the actual drama, actions and etc.

Many of us want that this movie going to hit the screens on his opening day, we collect some rumors about the film box office collection. Here you will not get the actual box office collection of this person, but I must say you will get some great stuff about this movie.

The critics are expecting a lot from this action drama film, while the director of the film is also expecting a big collection of a Taxiwala Tamil movie on Box office, According to the director, 1 to 2 crore will be the Taxiwala Tamil Movie Box office Collection of Day 1 and around 2 to 3 crore will be the first box office collection of Taxiwala Tamil Movie, while it is going to earn around 50 40 to 50 crore in his whole time.

Taxiwaala Tamil Movie Box office Collection And Review

“Recently a young man in Kerala wished to undertake this and killed his family,” says a person to a bunch of scholars during a room while not revealing abundant else. Vijay Deverakonda’s character, a taxi driver, makes Associate in Nursing entry, and one is diode to believe that this character positively is aware of one thing.

“Ladies and Gentleman, with dance performances and acting like ne’er before, with tremendous actors and actresses, we have a tendency to welcome you to the current folks’ film,” the teaser declares.

Taxiwaala Movie Teaser

So this is all about Taxiwaala Tamil Movie Box office Collection report, Stay connected to get more updates on taxiwaala.

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